Virtual Tape Measure with Google’s Project Soli

The folks at Google ATAP were so nice and allowed us to participate in the Project Soli alpha developer program. Please have a look at their website for more information about the project. Project Soli is a chip-sized miniature millimeter-wave radar, supported by a sophisticated DSP pipeline developed by Google. Based on this signal processing, it is possible to analyze and evaluate finger gestures in the vicinity of the sensor. This allows for new ways of human-device interaction.

We have spent some time with the developer kit and made an application called Virtual Tape Measure. Purpose of this demo application is to replace the need for a physical tape measure when e.g. checking the dimensions of table while shopping for furniture. This is a fairly simple application of the Soli technology. We are currently looking into further, more complex use cases. Please see the diagram below describing the basic functionality of the system.