A common problem related to inertial measurements is that in many application cases you do not only want to acquire orientation data but also the position data of an object. Using a visual tracking system like VICON or Optotrak make it possible to detect position and orientation of a set of optical markers. However such methods have several fundamental disadvatages:

  • Although position tracking might be very accurate using a pure optical system, it is hard to get stable orientation measurements with a low number of closely located markers.
  • Depending on the number of cameras used, occlusions are difficult to avoid.
  • System calibration procedure is time-consuming.
  • Because of the use of multiple cameras, systems are usually not easy to transport.
  • High price.

The LP-Research LpTracker tries to combine the strengths of inertial measurement units and optical tracking systems to create a system that is able to do stable, accurate and quick position and orientation measurements.


LpTracker6D fuses the information acquired from an LPMS IMU and an optical tracking system to calculate accurate, stable and fast orientation and position data.

System Features

  • Simultaneous measurement of position and orientation with an accuracy of
  • Markers are not required. Measurements are performed in a single point.
  • System can deal with temporary occlusions, using the displacement information from the IMU as position indicator.
  • System is portable and can be quickly installed at the measurement location.
  • High cost-efficiency.