LPVR-AIR: Wireless location-based AR/VR Tracking Solution for Immersive 3D Visualization

LPVR-AIR provides all the features of the LPVR-CAD* system, along with the added advantage of wireless streaming of image data from a SteamVR application such as Autodesk VRED to the Meta Quest 2 or Pro.

*LPVR-CAD is a location-based VR tracking system that supports room-scale tracking. These systems can track not only the head and controller motion of a user in a stationary position but also support free, room-wide motions. However, for multi-user, location-based VR applications such as arcade-style game setups or enterprise applications, larger tracking volumes are required.

LP-Research’s FusionHub software, in combination with the open-source application ALVR, provides a perfect solution for this. By default, ALVR uses Meta Quest’s internal inside-out tracking for pose calculation. With LPVR-AIR, Quest’s native inside-out tracking is replaced with combined IMU and ART/Optitrack outside-in tracking, enabling simultaneous, spatially synchronized operation of multiple HMDs in large tracking volumes.

To make FusionHub’s tracking functionality available to standalone augmented and virtual reality headsets, it is integrated with Android-compatible OpenXR HMDs, using a customized version of the ALVR open-source project. ALVR enables wireless streaming of imagery from a host computer and interfaces with 3D content engines through SteamVR. While the original ALVR client was built to work with Meta Quest HMDs, ALVR works with any OpenXR compatible headset.

Supported HMDs

  • Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro
  • Customization to support further devices (Meta Quest 3, Apple vision Pro etc.) on request


Product name LPVR-AIR
Compatible HMDs Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, (Meta Quest 3)
Compatible optical tracking systems ART, Optitrack, VICON, VRPN-based tracking solutions
Compatible software Unity, Unreal, Autodesk VRED, all SteamVR-compatible applications
Controller support Meta Quest controller
Inertial measurement unit LPMS-CU2 with VR firmware
Position accuracy 1-10mm (depending on optical tracking setup)
Rotation accuracy 0.2°
Tracking latency Zero latency (using head motion prediction)
Tracking space Unlimited (depending on optical tracking setup)
Driver software OpenVR driver
Update rate 800Hz
Operating system Windows 10 with latest SteamVR environment
System components IMU sensor, HMD marker holder, hand controller marker holder, accessory cables and screws
Licensing License dongle


Product Package contents Price
LPVR-AIR 1 x Security dongle
1 x HMD marker holder
1 x Maintenance contract 1year
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