LPMOCAP: Upper Body Human Motion Capture System

Naho wearing LPMS-B motion capture suit


LPMOCAP is a human motion capture system that provides IMU-based upper-body motion capture. IMU is shorthand for Inertial Measurement Unit, devices which provide high-frequency updates on their motion. LPMOCAP combines data from several IMUs attached to a test subject’s upper body with a skeleton model to derive high-frequency information on the subject’s motion.

Unlike camera-based motion capture systems, no specially equipped measurement site or external hardware is necessary. Several IMUs are attached to the subject’s body, their relative orientation is determined by a calibration procedure and measurement can begin.

This human motion capture system allows tracking of one arm as well as the head and upper body. Skeleton data is updated at a frequency of 50Hz.

Although transferring human body movements to a movie character is an established method, it might be surprising that human motion capture has a range of applications in areas beyond the world of film production.

Motion Capture can improve human life by boosting a person’s work efficiency, support injury recovery and help preventing excessive strain on the human body under rough working conditions. The medical and manufacturing industries are just two of many fields where motion capture helps optimizing human movements.




Product type LPMOCAP
Motion capture configuration Human upper body (chest, left/right lower arm, left/right upper arm, head)
Motion capture method Inertial sensor-based
Sensor fusion method Gyroscope + accelerometer, gyrsocope + accelerometer + magnetometer
Intertial measurement unit LPMS-B2
Connection method Wireless (Bluetooth 2)
Motion range Full human upper body motion range
Resolution < 0.01°
Measurement Frequency 50Hz
Measurement Latency ~15ms
Power supply LPMS-B2: Lithium bat., >6h, (3.7V@230mAh)
Available Software LPMOCAP application, C++ API, ROS driver


Product Package contents Price
LPMOCAP 6 x LPMS-B2 sensor sets
6 x LPMS-B2 straps and holders (head, 2 x upper arm, 2 x lower arm, chest)
1 x C++ library / API
1 x LPMOCAP Control (Windows application)
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