LPMS-B2, besides Bluetooth classic, also supports Bluetooth 4 / Bluetooth Low Energy. This allows us to connect the sensor to Apple mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone or the Apple watch. We recently have created a library that enables development of applications supporting LPMS-B2 on these devices.

The library can be accessed via our open source repository.

The repository contains a skeleton application that shows usage of the most basic parts of the library. The library itself is contained in the following files:


A sensor object is initialized and connected using the follwoing code:

#import "LpmsB2.h"
#import "LpmsBData.h"
CBPeripheral *peripheral;
CBCentralManager *centralManager;
LpmsB2 *myLpmsB2;
myLpmsB2 = [[LpmsB2 alloc] init];
[myLpmsB2 connect:centralManager Address:peripheral];

More coming soon..

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I like to create magical things, especially projects related to new technologies like augmented and virtual reality, mobile robotics and MEMS-based sensor networks. I code in C(++) and Python, trying to keep up with my very talented colleagues :-)