Finally we are ready to show somw progress of the sensor development. Below you can see the new design and a few designs of the case of the Bluetooth version of the sensor (LPMS-B). Actually these have been ready for quite some time, but we were just to busy with finishing the firmware etc. to show them around.

For this image we made half of the case transparent, so you can see the sensor mainboard and the battery inside. Using this larger battery, the size of the sensor has become bigger than the initial prototypes, but the continuous runtime is up to 10 hours. We are planning on producing differently sized cases for different applications, requiring different battery runtimes.

Please note that this 3D print here does not show the final material that we are going to use for the case. The final version will probably be blue and made of non-transparent or semi-transparent plastic.

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I like to create magical things, especially projects related to new technologies like augmented and virtual reality, mobile robotics and MEMS-based sensor networks. I code in C(++) and Python, trying to keep up with my very talented colleagues :-)